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About Clancy Cross
Clancy Cross: Certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer
Phone: 937.308.7966
Clancy Cross

It's estimated that Zig Ziglar touched over 250 million lives -- so far!  As a certified Ziglar Legacy Professional, it's my committment to teach and live Zig's philosophies so the Ziglar legacy continues to grow.  My life's mission is... create a renaissance of growth by preparing and leading
people to reach their God-given potential.

I Was Born To Win and So Were You!

Becoming Ziglar certified is one of the most important goals I've ever achieved -- not because of what it does for me, but for what it equips and authorizes me to do for others.  Consequently, it makes certification a privilege and a responsibility.

The legacy seal symbolizes my readiness for the mission ahead.  The video endorsement recorded in the Ziglar studio authenticates what the seal represents.

The 26 members of the first Ziglar Certification Class wasted no time in getting to work.  Even before leaving Dallas, we agreed to collaborate on a book about the impact Zig made on each of our lives.  The title is, "Ziglar Legacy First Class All The Way."  is available at  Click HERE if If you are interested in a free sample.

As I explained in the beginning, the certification, video, book, and this webpage are not really about me.  It's all about YOU!  My role is simply to help lots of people achieve success in their personal lives, career, business, family, and their communities.  Contact me and let's work together toward you becoming the person you were meant to be and achieving what you were designed to accomplish.

"You were Designed for accomplishment, engineered for success
and endowed with the seeds of greatness."
-- Zig Ziglar

Clancy Cross
Clancy Cross
Phone: 937.308.7966
Cell: 937.308.7966

Zig Ziglar - Born To Win

"We Believe" -- A Zig Ziglar Tribute

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Clancy Cross Certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer